Guest post guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help both TLD and our guest contributors.

We are delighted that you are contributing to The Leadership Debate Magazine

  • Number of words – between 300 and 2000
  • Spelling and grammar – please check your own.  Articles will not be published if they contain errors.  We do check articles before publication, however, we make the assumption that you will do this prior to sending them to us.
  • Formatting – please format your work for publication, as we do not want to spend time formatting your work.
  • Blatant adverts – will not be published.  We do have advertising options available, please ask and we would be delighted to send you details.
  • Article categories – there are no hard and fast rules, if one of our categories doesn’t fit, then please suggest one.  Our aim is for the content to have a wide appeal.

Title (use heading 2)

Please make your title descriptive and thought provoking.

  • 20 ways to make the most of a leadership breakfast meeting
  • 6 words that will get you into trouble in the boardroom
  • How an icecream and a lager helped me to persuade my team that change was necessary
  • Recession, what recession?
  • Leadership tips to sky rocket your business


  • Please lay out your content so that it is easy to read.
  • Use bullet points


If you have quotes remember to reference the source.

Call to action

What do you want people who read your article to do?


Have you referenced some research?  Please do add them at the bottom, so that we don’t get our fingers rapped and your readers can see where you obtained your research from.


If you do not have the rights to images, please don’t use them.  Also do not copy anyone else’s work – you can of course reference it.

If you are happy for people to use your work, please say so and what the terms are.

Your bio and photo

Please add your bio and links to your website at the bottom.

Upload your photo as an attachment no more than 300 x 300 (slightly bigger is ok too.) Use Gravatar if you have it.

How does it work?

Let me know that you want to write for us, send an email to I will set you up and as long as you follow the guidelines all will be well.

Write your blog and share far and wide.

Thank you so much for your contributions.

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