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Releasing potential is about personal growth. It is about leadership, which embraces the idea of creating an environment where performers can flourish. Most importantly it is about actions. Without the match to spark the fire nothing can fan the flames of personal or organisational potential and growth.

We four authors, who share many common experiences, embrace the ideas of collaboration and community, as both mentors and learners, have come together because of our own Executive Leadership Journeys.

We provide the matches which light up our learning communities. We create places where learners can thrive, because they value learning and sharing. In doing so, we have created these assets, which is an inspiration to us and one which we hope will continue to inspire anyone who knows that to learn is to grow.

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This book is a triumph. It is by far the most comprehensive book I have ever had the privilege to read on how to navigate the corporate world as an Executive Leader. The authors have left no stone unturned and clearly are talking from experience not theory. How I wish that this information was available to me as a young executive and later in my career. It is full of thought provoking ideas and exercises with additional tools provided via the internet. It is even possible to seek personal development consultancy from the Authors. You may think you already have all you need to be the best you, you can be, but reading this book and Navigate 2 will change your mind.

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